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Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who cultivates & empowers our Government leaders and servants.  Andy helps leaders improve internal & external service levels, helps leaders solve our succession planning crisis, and helps leaders do more with less–while fostering a positive, innovative, and high-morale environment.

Andy has presented as a keynote speaker for many City, County, State, and Federal Government events, including the Federal Reserve Bank of PhiladelphiaFlorida City and County Managers AssociationCity Clerks Association of CaliforniaCity of Las Vegas, and all International Public Managers Association (IPMA-HR) Region Conferences. Andy was also asked to serve as inaugural speaker for the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) webinar series.

Andy Masters has written 5 books, earned 4 degrees, and received the prestigious “CSP” award/designation of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers, in which less than 10% of over 5,000+ speakers worldwide have achieved.

Andy's Government Keynote/Training Programs

Award-winning author and Leadership expert Andy Masters creatively uses the magical imagery of Hollywood to help BUSY Public Sector leaders DEVELOP and EMPOWER their organizations during times of crisis–in this challenging era of having to “Do More With Less”. That’s right, LEARN and be ENTERTAINED from actual license-protected scenes from movies such as The Devil Wears PradaThe Iron LadyApollo 13—and even Office Space and Star Wars!  This unique program also cites the latest research from Harvard Business ReviewDeloitte, and Glassdoor.  Powerful leadership principles are based on Andy’s latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire.” Andy’s interactive program provides attendees with not only a memorable multi-media experience, but also with immediate action items to truly help BUSY public leaders thrive in today’s “New Normal”.

HERO Government Service in a COVID-19 Environment

Andy’s most critical service program ever for Government employees can be presented either “virtually” or “in-person“, as a 1-hour keynote or 4-hour training.  Andy illustrates that “Crises Lead to Forced Innovation“, therefore we need to create solutions to provide even better services for our residents.  A crisis can either tear communities apart, or bring communities closer together.  Residents will always remember how they were cared for by their government during a time of crisis. 

  • Interactive brainstorms on improving services through new innovations
  • Anticipate challenges and complaints; then plan and prepare accordingly
  • Embrace an empathy for those served, and a concern for their health at all times
  • Be a light of positivity and solutions, during stressful and turbulent times.
  • Manage customer expectations to improve quality, and decrease internal stress
  • Increase resident confidence through communication and signage of protocols

Powerful service principles are based on Andy’s award-winning book “Kiss Your Customer“, as he proves that we must “create a transformation from doing a job to creating a bond”.  Andy also shares examples from government agencies on how to create resident loyalty, avoid dissatisfaction, and improve reputation–including on social media.  Enjoy this timely, interactive, and impactful program which provides critical solutions to our communities during our COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating the “New Normal”:  Embracing Work & Life in the Era of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Government agencies have downsized and are operating extremely trim. Never before have administrators and employees been asked to wear so many hats, and “do more with less”–both in the office and remotely–while balancing the anxiety of health, finances, and family.

Join national Author/Speaker Andy Masters for this timely, interactive, and impactful program which truly helps attendees embrace our “New Normal” in both work and life.  

  • Be a light of positivity and solutions during stressful and turbulent times.
  • Decrease anxiety by focusing only on those things which you can control.
  • Embrace change by turning from “stressed and depressed” to “lucky and blessed”. 
  • Become a master of focus, prioritization, and “strategic procrastination“.
  • Develop a new perspective on what is most important in your life, and career. 
  • Engage Andy’s mantra “either you control your schedule, or your schedule controls you.” 

Andy also illustrates the life-changing “YES/NO” principle to inspire audiences to focus the most quality time possible on the activities which are most rewarding for YOU.  Andy’s positive and entertaining program provides specific tools you can apply immediately to recharge, refocus, and happily embrace our “New Normal” in both work and life!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Government agencies have downsized and operating extremely trim. Never before have managers and employees been asked to wear so many hats, and do more with less. Therefore, the time to make the workplace FUN AGAIN has never been more important. People are tired of being stressed. People want to be happy, LAUGH, and enjoy their jobs again. The incredible impacts of a fun and positive work environment include less stress, higher morale, lower turnover, and even increased service levels–accomplished with LITTLE or NO costs! Join international Author/Speaker and humorist Andy Masters in this entertaining program illustrating easy and inexpensive ways to create a fun working environment, while sharing success stories of how organizations have launched a RE-ENERGIZED culture in this ‘New Normal” global economy!

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will understand the organizational importance of implementing humor in the workplace, and its’ impacts on morale, stress, turnover, customer service, teamwork, creativity, and innovation.
  • Attendees will understand how to balance the importance of humor in the workplace, while incorporating and communicating guidelines for “appropriate” humor with employees.
  • Attendees will be able to learn from and apply specific examples of organizations initiating humor in the workplace, which cost little or no budget to the organization.

This critical, solutions-based program is presented by Award-winning author and international keynote speaker Andy Masters, MA, CSP.  This shocking program exposes the nearly $1 Billion dollar fake “synthetic” urine industry which enables employees and candidates to successfully cheat employer drug tests–and it’s damaging impact on every organization during our tragic U.S. opioid crisis.  Research proves the staggering time and cost impact from workplace drug usage on employee productivity, risk, safety, workers comp claims, and violence in the workplace.  Precedent has now been set for legal liability against the vast majority of U.S. organizations which have not effectively screened employees and candidates amid changing marijuana laws.  

Most importantly, this program outlines the simple, yet critical action steps organizations must implement to stop the cheating immediately–in order to hire qualified applicants, improve employee productivity, improve workplace safety, and lessen the dangerous legal liability for their organization.  The impact of this program may not only save entire organizations from legal crises, but can also help prevent yet another drug-related workforce tragedy in our country.

For more info on this program, please visit:  http://workforcedrugcrisis.org

This powerful program is for all Association, Chapter, Board, Committee, and Chamber leaders who lead volunteers! Award-winning author and Leadership expert Andy Masters EMPOWERS leaders to EMPOWER their Boards – in this challenging era of having to “Do More With Less” – and truly helps overcome the non-profit/Board death cycle of “80% of the work is done by 20% of the people“. This is why new ideas, great successes, and record years never happen – as most leaders assume all tasks with moderate-at-best results, while “running themselves into the ground.”

  • Recruit future leaders and Engage new participation.
  • Empower individuals for their talents to shine.
  • Inspire to have the BEST year EVER as an organization.
  • Appreciate every step a volunteer contributes.
  • Reward and celebrate every success.

Powerful leadership principles are based on Andy’s latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire” – but this program also includes actual license-protected movie scenes from films such as Star Wars, Apollo 13, X-Men, The Iron Lady – and even Frozen and Office Space!  Andy’s program provides attendees with not only an interactive multi-media experience, but also with immediate “take-home” action items to help EMPOWER leaders to EMPOWER their Boards, and ignite the best Association year EVER!


“Andy was the PERFECT opening Keynote speaker to kick off our 2020 HSMAI Chapter Leadership Conference. From the meeting planner side, he is a DREAM speaker! He is easy to connect with, took time to understand the audience, and was prepared to deliver an A+ presentation. There were moments of laughter, moments of ‘Ah-ha’, and his closing story was VERY impactful and actionable. We also worked with Andy to give each attendee an autographed copy of his book ‘Things Leaders Say’, as well!”Jenny Teeson, CHSE, Director of Chapter Management and Volunteer Experience, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)




">Bill Cole>

“Andy Masters gave a TOUR DE FORCE performance as keynote speaker for the IPMA-HR Central Region Conference in St. Louis. His ‘Leadership Lessons From Hollywood’ keynote was ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE, and THOUGHT-PROVOKING. The use of movie clips highlighted his message and had the audience laughing and learning. He challenged us to be better leaders and to invest in ourselves and our employees. Andy’s high-energy style engaged the audience from the get-go and set the tone for the entire event. People were still talking about his session on day 2 and 3 of the conference!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andy Masters to entertain, engage, and enlighten your audience!”

Bill Cole
IPMA-SCP – 2016 International Public Management Association-HR President (MA)


">Bobby Green>

“Andy–I want to THANK YOU again for a GREAT presentation at FCCMA! The keynote was well received and complimented our conference in so many ways. I personally want to thank you for bringing the extra books to the event for my gifting to others. They also have commented back to me on how much they enjoy reading it. Again, it was so nice meeting you months before the event and staying in touch right through the event.”

Bobby Green
President, Florida City & County Managers Association (FCCMA)


">JoAnn Cova>

“Andy, your presentation on ‘Leadership Lessons from Hollywood’ was the PERFECT presentation for our Sunday afternoon Institute! I’ve received RAVE reviews from our group that your energy and humor made the afternoon so much fun! Our group was engaged and enlightened and we would LOVE to have you back for another session during our Spring Institute or perhaps our Fall Academy. Thank you for the lessons learned on a snowy Sunday afternoon!”

JoAnn Cova
Education Chair, Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association (MO)


">Lindsay McGuire>

“It’s not often we have the opportunity to get all of our “Leaders” together so when we do the impact has to be profound. Andy Masters delivered a HIGH quality, HIGH energy performance that resonated with all of our leaders, at many different levels! His ability to relate and adapt to all audiences is exceptional and he provides information that everyone can immediately put into action to better themselves as well as make an impact on others and the organization!”

Lindsay McGuire
PHR – Human Resources Manager, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (PA)


">Meg Weiss>

“Andy Masters was an incredibly energetic and enthusiastic keynote speaker for the Florida Public HR Association! ‘Leadership Lessons from Hollywood’ not only related to so many scenarios in the workplace but even throughout life in general. The whole group was laughing the entire time and it was a GREAT way to start our conference off on a great note!!”

Meg Weiss
PHR, SHRM-CP, President, Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA)


">Allan Forbis>

“You did a FANTASTIC job for us Andy. Couldn’t have been more pleased. Look forward to having you back!! The verbal and written comments I’ve received are all quite similar – ‘One of the best programs ever,’ ‘Practical tools and ideas I can put to work immediately,’ and ‘So glad I came!’ From an organizational perspective, EXACTLY the good news we all want to receive!”

Allan Forbis
Training Manager, State of Missouri Center for Management and Professional Development (MO)


">Jennifer Fairweather>

“Andy Masters did a WONDERFUL job as a keynote for one of our general sessions for the 2017 Western Region IPMA-HR Conference. Using humor, Hollywood and interaction he was able to drive home key points around the leadership skills needed to build an engaged workforce. The audience found his session both enlightening and entertaining!!”

Jennifer Fairweather
IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, Program Chair, 2017 Western Region IPMA-HR Conference (NV)


">Tasha Smith>

“Your Keynote was simply AMAZING! You are a brilliant Speaker. Very funny and entertaining. You kept us all engaged. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Safe travels back home!!”

Tasha Smith-Roseberry
Roseberry, Payroll Manager


">Audience Comments from Andy’s 2017 Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Conference Keynote Program>

“Awesome and inspiring!…Love, love, love! BEST leadership I’ve been to in many years…GREAT session. Immediate takeaways…Wonderful presentation, Thank You…Inspired …Awesomeness…Great job Andy!…AWESOME!! Can’t wait to share this!! THANKS!!!… Awesome!!…Very good!!!…Great presentation!…Thank you for the great ideas…All City leaders should be a part of this program…Great presentation, Thank you…Great!…Great take away! Thanks…Awesome job!!…Great program…Great presentation!… Great information. I am a new supervisor and have a lot to learn…Great info!…GREAT program!…Great…Awesome…Inspiring, because I’m a control freak!…Engaging!…Great…Great job! We especially need to hear these kinds of principles in this age of bitterness and hate….Great concepts!… Awesome!…Good…Awesome presentation. Loved it!…Awesome!…AMAZING presentation! Loved it. Thank you….Very good presentation! Enjoyed it!!…Loved the movie tie ins—FUN…Great presentation…Thanks!!!…Great Job!… Awesome program. Clearly shows that you’re doing this for the RIGHT reason. So impressed…AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!”

Audience Comments
Andy’s 2017 Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Conference Keynote Program

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